this has got to be over soon, right?

i simply cannot wear my puffy north face coat any longer.


‘oh, but its so beautiful and charming! and you can make snowangels and snowmen!’

you can also lose all confidence in your ability to walk.


i guess it’s lovely sometimes.

at least half of that is frank gehry, though.

also millennium park is much improved with sunshine, live music, and a bottle of wine.

IMG_1045IMG_0557but sometimes you’ve just gotta make spring come to you. during a particularly freezing and miserable weekend a few weeks ago, i just happened to go to this odd shaped building not far from my apartment and stumbled onto the happiest place i’ve ever been: the lincoln park conservatory.

it was about eighty degrees and horrendously humid inside.

just. like. home. IMG_1100 IMG_1102 IMG_1103 IMG_1112

IMG_1010today i had brunch outside wearing a blazer… so it’s spring.

but… it’ll probably snow like fourteen inches tomorrow.




as you can probably guess, life exploded. in addition to visting old favorites, and finding new haunts all over chicago, i’ve driven across the country to nashville, and flew back to texas for a long weekend. i got really into running, watched the chicago marathon from a starbucks and immediately joined a running club.  and then i stopped running completely.

because of winter.

but actually because of a lingering knee injury that requires a cortisone shot. as if i’m a real athlete. but i really forgot how intense winter is… even though it hasn’t even REALLY started. yikes. and all of football season happened and i never even talked about it – probably because i was too busy going to football games and perfecting the morning tailgate (i.e. pregame mimosa parties).

suffice to say: more to come on all of that.




music monday: the commute.

so adjusting to back to my life in chicago has been… an adventure.  i’ve now been back for about four months, which seems like forever and no time at all. now this isn’t going to turn into some sort of sappy tell all about what i’ve learned from my independence or anything to that extent. turn on lifetime for that mess, or at least old episodes of girls

no, this is about music. anywhere you go in this city, people are listening to music; on the train, in the street, in a museum, while talking to someone in real life (the ability to carry on a conversation while maintaining your playlist’s integrity through one earbud seems to be a point of pride to most… but really SO rude), and especially when they’re trying to ignore someone.


my biggest nightmare is that i’ll leave my apartment with a half charged ipod and a long day ahead of me…. and you know, the typical thing, like house centipedes. yeah, we don’t have those in texas and they are terrifying, godless creatures that seem to feed on wintertime and my screams.

google at your own risk.

but i digress. music is such a big part of the lifestyle here that when i got on the bus the other day on my way to work and the man next to me did not have earphones in, i was so confused that i had to take the opportunity for a laugh. so obviously i turned the music up, put on ignition, then a little luke bryan, and then some yo-yo ma. he soon exited the bus, and surely, thought i was crazy.

mission accomplished.

anyway, in an effort to mix it up and avoid a playlist rut, i’ve started leaving my ipod on shuffle and letting it cycle through on its own… which is pretty much a risky little game because bands like b*witched exist(ed). but heres what i heard on my latest commute…

yes, i referenced yo-yo ma and 90s irish girl bands in the same post.

get on my level.


i apologize for being so MIA for so long… but its taking way longer than i anticipated to get used to things like this…

more to come soon.


music monday: fleet foxes.

SO – i’m a huge fan of any and all internet radio and music search engines: pandora, grooveshark, musictonic, 8tracks, youtube (because music videos are a thing, too), even spotify… although, i’m still unconvinced.

mostly because nirvana in NO WAY belongs in my otis redding radio station.

keep trying, spotify.

but, yesterday, i heard that there is another music website that might actually be winning the game. it’s called songza and its not just about finding music by artist… its about mood. so, for example, its like ‘oh hey. its monday night, did you want to listen to music for unwinding? reading? work or study? bedtime? or listen to new music?’ and you’re like oh damn, i think it’s bedtime. and then it plays some crazy music from blade runner and you’re like wait – thats an intense movie! harrison ford just spend two hours hunting down replicants and… oh wait, this is nice. zzzzZZz

its. awesome.

and there aren’t any commercials. WHAT.

anyway, through my monday morning: just waking up playlist i realized that i love fleet foxes and i’ve never done a music monday segment about them. now, i’m not entirely sure what there is to say about them. i was first introduced to them through a pandora playlist about like iron and wine or something standard, i probably wrote down the name in one of my notebooks and promptly forgot about them. then i was looking at album art on another station and saw that their cover art for their album fleet foxes is actually a pieter bruegel the elder work. its like the where’s waldo of semi-religious, semi-horror, 100% god fearing paintings from dutch renaissance art that we all know and love.


[image via.]

but that didn’t even stick. it wasn’t until i got some sage advice from a friend of mine that this was one of the bands that i certainly needed to know. and dammit, she was right.

also, they’re characterized as baroque pop on wikipedia.

what in the hell is that?

the art institute: the old.

i love chicago, and as far as favorite places go – anywhere along the lake is beautiful, campus always feels like home but, for me, nowhere quite compares to the art institute. no matter how many miles i walk through the halls, none of the pieces ever seem to get old.except… i guess these are kind of old.

jan van goyen, fishing boats off an estuary, 1633.

because no one gets light and clouds like the dutch.

el greco, st. francis kneeling in meditiation, 1595/1600.

because how creepy must these paintings have been when he adopted this style.

virgin and child with the young st. john the baptist, agnolo bronzino or follower, 1527/1530 or later.

and then just as you are admiring such an incredible example of a renaissance photobomb. you turn the corner….

and there’s his damn tooth. ew.

‘great pictures this week, cor.’

shut up.

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