in the beginning…

i expected that i would know exactly what i wanted to do when i stepped on campus,  but i didn’t.

not even a little bit. not even at all.

i ended up trying out several majors and whenever i felt like i was in a rut… i switched again, which turns into quite a dirty little habit.  i kept that up, much to my parents’ chagrin, until junior year winter quarter when i changed direction again, this time to art history.

so then i found what i wanted to do.

well… to some extent.

turns out, for the field that i think i may perhaps consider entering requires a lot more experience and education than i currently have. so in less than a week  when i finish up my job at the northwestern library, i’ll pack all of the things i’ve been hoarding for the past four years and get out of dodge.

i’ve decided to call it my gap year, during which i will do all the things.  yes, all.

i want to start painting again.

and run along the sea wall.

and travel.

and not go anywhere.

and maybe learn a little french. but i find them pretentious. so maybe portuguese.

and read all the things that i  should’ve read in college.

and mess around with photography. none of this digital business, like honest to goodness photography.

most of all, i want to figure out something that i didn’t know before.

everything is coming together and falling apart all at once. and i can’t wait to see where that takes me.

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