the view from saturday.

a rude awakening came much too early in the form of an overhead light and loud music from a friend who stayed over after a concert (more about that adventure later.)

too caffeinated to go back to sleep, my remaining roommates and i headed to the farmers market. where we found gorgeous hydrangeas, fresh vegetables, a busker playing american pie, and a devil bee, who refused to leave my friends alone.

from there we decided to do a little shopping and shared an ipod with an old high school playlist with embarrassing music on it. inappropriate laughing on the bus is always fun.

i found a few gems along the way.

too bad i won’t need any sweaters in texas for a while – this is obviously ideal.

because who doesn’t need a good pair of gold sparkle saddle shoes?

from there we made the trek to the middle of nowhere chicago to a hipster paradise/food truck social. on the bus there we were actually stalked by the color fuschia. literally, about 50% of the people on the bus were wearing fuschia in some form or another.  and then it followed us everywhere. it was the most alarming moment of my day.

anyway, the outdoor music and food festival brought an abundance of ironic tattoos, cute hipster babies, and weather inappropriate clothing of course. oh, and this dog. daww.

and there were nomz. italian fries from hummingbird, tamales from big star (even though they were good – we all agreed that they should’ve brought tacos. #duh) and flirty cupcakes.

brilliantly busy day to end my chicago adventure.

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