horrifying things from my childhood.

i found these things while cleaning my closet to make room for all of my new stuff.

just a head. to hold your hair accessories. you know, the usual.

creepy doll. this was found shoved in a little mermaid suitcase.

i am the mean neighbor kid from toy story.

yes that is a data doll from star trek. yes he is wearing aladdin pants.

and yes he is hanging out with a stuffed pig in a bin full of barbie corpses and polly pocket pieces.

why do you ask?

self-realization moment:

this may be why my sister and i were never allowed to play near my brothers room.

we steal.

oh yes the silly sock phase.  that was a good one.

which was about the time that i had burgundy hair. but thats another story.


One thought on “horrifying things from my childhood.

  1. Uh, excuse me… you stole stuff. You were a little klepto. Pretty sure that hair-thing doll was mine… unless we both had one… good god, I don’t remember them being quite so horrifying!

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