the road. day two.

we started our morning with starbucks and i relished in the accent and sweetness of the staff.

who doesn’t love a southern accent?  that’d be unamerican. ew, go away.

key moments of the morning drive include: finding out that there was a new disturbance in the gulf and realizing that i’m going to have to start worrying about hurricanes again, singing queen’s bohemian rhapsody (words and guitar solo) as my dad was equal parts amused and shocked by my enthusiasm, and seeing a woman pump gas while she devoured a chicken wing. awesome.

sadly i don’t have a picture of that, or really very many pictures from the second day at all because i drove a good amount and my dad attentively watched the road. or rather played with the radio…

and nodded off.

so mississippi was boring…

there was the usual grassland with hay all over it, oh and realizing that we were really in the south…

when we noticed that mississippi still has THE CONFEDERATE FLAG.


now i remember seeing petitions to support texas succession from the united states passed around my high school a number of times, and the back of people’s truck beds emblazoned with the good ole dixie flag, but come on.

as we moved through mississippi and came upon the tallahatchie river i spotted a billboard with the slogan “mow with attitude.” brilliant. when i got home later on i googled it and this is what i found…

you wish you were this cool.

after that everything was pretty boring until of course, we stopped in byram, mississippi for lunch.

and we thought that this would be the most exciting part of our stop, but…

i saw the most stereotypical southern boy ever. tight jeans, white t-shirt darkened with dust and earth, big belt buckle, work boots, and a camouflage baseball hat.

oh and then the people who were sitting in the booth behind us HAD THEIR TRUCK STOLEN from the parking lot.

“is our truck gone from the parking lot?”

“no way. oh my god yes.”

literally just taken while they ordered food.

“what the fuck man!”

indeed.  we lit out of there like we were the ones that had stolen it.

and finally we made it to cajun country. lousiana is an… interesting place. i saw numerous advertisements for gambling, swamp tours, and petting baby alligators.

so cuddly!

i looked out for these critters as we cross the 18 mile bridge on the atchafalaya swamp freeway.  no i’m not kidding.

bridge of death.

on the other side of that lil piece of hell is the promised land.

and just like that, i was back in god’s country.

‘well, ms. cori, what will you do when you graduate? be a yankee or come back to god’s country?’

– my beloved dentist


3 thoughts on “the road. day two.

    • HA. its just a preference of route – we always like to stop just south of jackson after the first day of travel.
      probably because i enjoy singing this song so much:

      anyway. yes first day we drive south of jackson, and then over through louisiana over to texas.
      but why wouldn’t you want to drive through louisiana? its the epitome of back woods southern.

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