we called ourselves the quatros.

shoved in the corner under my bed, along the window of my time capsule of a room, i found ‘the notebook.’

protecting the innocent.

we called ourselves the quatros. because there were four of us. get it? clever.

anyway, we were a little impenetrable group of friends for a gloriously dramatic year and a half. two of us had broken off from a notoriously catty group from our middle school and swallowed two new girls that we met upon entering high school to form the less malicious unit. and this was our book.

the original middle school friend group had had more of a burn book…

now this was not mean girls.

so maybe not so much of a burn book as… an ongoing record of feuds.

yes, thats more like it.

‘omg you guys, ashley is a traitor! she’s no longer allowed to write in here!’

the high school book, however, seems to be a record of our lives.

key moments including : feeling equal parts bored by and stressed out by school, poor taste in music, certifiable addiction to chewing gum, playing tetris on our cell phones under our desks (rebels), a huge preoccupation with the oc (team seth obviously), and the relentless interrogations of who do you like??

jason mraz and john mayer are totally the same, only different.

either way, they are CLEARLY huge great influences on the future of music. or whatever.

the bend and snap? brilliant move ladies.

rain on woo hoo fun parades is the worst.

dial up? ugh. the worst. especially when you got kicked off AIM during a heated conversation the latest interaction with your crush.

and who doesn’t luv monkeys?


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