the sun was perfect today.

so i grabbed some novel that i found in my house and headed outside.

with a glass of water, obviously, because if you lose hydration game in texas… you die.

as i was enjoying doing nothing, i heard fidgeting at the gate door and freaked out. (childhood fear of kidnapping?) but i realized that it was just bug man coming for the quarterly spray to keep the texas sized bugs at bay.

our gate doesn’t have an outside handle – why? creepers? again, that childhood fear of kidnapping? i can’t remember – so i let him inside.

‘hi there! did you need to come in to spray back here?’

‘oh! i’m so sorry ma’am. i didn’t know anyone was here – i didn’t mean to bother you.’

‘its no trouble – come on in!’

‘well thank you, i’ll just be a moment.’

‘take your time, i needed to get some more water anyway.’

‘oh… well thank you. sorry again.’

as i got inside i realized that the way i had my towel wrapped around me, it looked like i was naked. silly strapless swimsuits.

poor guy. no wonder he was so apologetic.

i went back outside and admired my backyard.

hydrangeas and a flamingo sculpture clay once made.

do yard decorations come in the shape of your state?

yeah… i didn’t think so. texas texas yeehaw.

if you think this is the outside temperature, you are sorely mistaken.

this is the pool temperature. and it felt COLD.

but it was too hot not to freeze in the cold pool water, so i happily floated around on my raft.

that is until disaster struck…


i quickly got out of the pool and ran to take its picture.

that is, of course, just before i flung him out of the pool and over our fence.


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