no i wasn’t kidding.

my high school did have a barn.

[actual headline on a yearbook page.]

as i was looking through yearbooks this weekend, i found a few things that truly express why i was so desperate to get out.

yes you could take meat processing as a class.

they also had barbeques in the school’s courtyard every friday. no i’m not embarrassed. it was delicious.

dressed up in their sunday best for the homecoming dance.

note: the theme was NOT cowboy. judging from the background it was either under the sea, hawaii, or ALL OF MY NIGHTMARES PUT TOGETHER.

school function’s are just a little more exciting in my neck of the woods.

fyi: there was absolutely no alcohol at this event. believe me… i searched high and low.

well, boots are different than work (i-just-came-in-from-feeding-the-cattle) boots.

but wait… this guy actually was a red neck.

aww. its actually kind of sweet.

no. no its not.

just look at that sadistic look in his eye!

stop it.


4 thoughts on “no i wasn’t kidding.

  1. I don’t even know where to begin. Apart from the content – we’ve got some other issues here. Consistency with periods/no periods at the end of sentences, capitalization rules, spelling and grammar errors. Although they do keep all the captions in the present tense – often a rookie mistake.

    I would like to see your meat processing skills in action, since you must be an expert!

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