what is happening?

or three vignettes from my life.
a short chat with miss t.
T: ‘well cori i’m thinking of going to a hypnotist to get more organized.’
C: ‘really?? you think that’ll work?”
T: ‘well, yes because i knew a girl who went to a hypnotist to lose weight… and you know honey… she was real pretty in the face, but… well then she lost all this weight!’
C: ‘oh really?’
T: ‘why yes! but then… you know dear, in a few years she gained it all back! such a shame.’
C: ‘maybe you have to keep going back…’
T: (raucous laughter)

a cute, free-spirited, little girl wearing a pink striped shirt, a flower patterned skirt, and bright turquoise bike shorts underneath walked into the museum with her mother.  the small child could barely see over the desk, but stared me down from the edge as i chatted with her mother about the exhibits.
‘we are going to look and not touch.’
and the little girl looked up at me with big eyes as if she had been caught.
my guess is that she’s broken that rule more than once.
they came back much later, the mother raved about the exhibit and asked me about the other galleries.
‘sweetie, did you want to leave me a drawing in the comment book?’
she nodded as she took a pen from me.
‘a sort of artistic response to the exhibition?’
smiles all around.
faint eye roll from mom?
little does she know i live and die by that sort of thing.
she drew me a lovely picture in the comment book. a real cy twombly.
perhaps i should be in art education?
her mother pulled her away from the book, as i thanked her for the drawing. poor thing didn’t want to leave. as a consolation she was allowed to study the architecture outside for quite some time.
what a gem.
on my hour drive home from the museum in the infamous rush hour traffic, i scanned the radio channels and argued with gertrude.
gertrude is the gps who gets me lost more often than points me in the right direction.
she is a haughty british bitch.
i’m thinking of changing her accent and giving her a new name.
that’ll show her.
anyway, nothing was playing on the radio except for that maroon five song that sounds like someone torturing a cat, when i saw…
i couldn’t stop shouting to no one.
this isn’t the actual car… i couldn’t get a picture of it, because of the traffic situation.
although it very well could be the actual car, only a picture someone else took, because the back of it said ‘all you need is love’ so there may be an unconfirmed john lennon theme to it.
alas it shall remain a mythical car, unless i see it again.

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