yes it is a little earlier for a post about halloween.

but in the capitalistic tradition of setting up seasonal displays too early, i thought it would be apropos to show y’all a few of my favorite costumes that i’ve seen at the store so far. this way if you still need some ideas for your halloween costume – you can have a little bit of inspiration.

morticia adams is obviously the conventional costume.

but lets think outside the box.

angelina jolie? you would have to dress like twelve of your friends up the jolie-pitt brood, and one very attractive man who looks a little defeated.

or possibly feral human. just stick some leaves in that wig, walk around on all fours, and growl at your friends.

these could be the perfect finishing touch on a bride costume.

great opportunity for a group costume, because everyone needs a group of bridesmaids or random wedding guests.

why is sonic the hedgehog feeding on that woman?

yes i just made a sega reference. get over it.

this costume is also called – hide from mommy.


obvious favorite.

this is the best costume. because you could dress up as anything.

but you get to the party, take a few shots, forget what your costume was, and just start scaring people.

either jumping out of places and saying BOO. or…

just doing the ghost noise just behind your friends all night.


yes every mother wants her daughter to be a stripper for halloween.

oh wait…

i may or may not have already done that.

but that’s another story.


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