southern charm.

i’ve been back on this side of the mason-dixon for the better part of a month, yet some southernalities still take me by surprise, and never fail to make me smile.

like the other day when i went for an early evening run, when it had cooled down to about 88 degrees. i passed a few kids climbing on top of a truck to get higher and higher in a tree.

i made eye contact with the little girl who was patiently waiting her turn to climb up, i tried to give her my best adult are-you-supposed-to-be-doing-that look and she smiled and WAVED at me.

and then i couldn’t help it.

i could only smile and wave back at her. dammit.

speaking of smiling and waving, i haven’t told anyone about granny.

now granny is the best thing about living where i do. shes all of the southern charm concentrated into one person.

she waves at us anytime we leave, keeps an eye out in the neighborhood, chats with us whenever we have moment, and always knows when something is awry.

she feeds peanuts to a neighborhood squirrel that she named hopper and then he would come around to the other houses looking for her when she wasn’t sitting on her cute bench in her front yard.

we found peanut shells everywhere.

‘oh i’m sorry hopper – granny isn’t here right now!’

and then the squirrel would scrunch up his nose and scurry away.

and southern phrases – the best of which are explained here.

with that, you have to add in, phrases that aren’t actually widely accepted phrases. you can virtually make up any phrase and add it into an exclamation and no one ever questions it.

please note that this is way more effective if you have a natural southern drawl. once again, it all comes down to credibility.

which means that no matter how often you work in the phrase ‘satan in a sunday hat’ we will know you are from chicago.

‘you sound way more southern than when you left!’

‘no way! y’all are imaginin’ it!’


that being said… i can’t hold back my love for the phrase ‘all over creation.’

all and all though, i do miss those non-southern girls that i became so close with at school.

even if they do poke fun of my texan nature.

‘despite how i feel about the south… drinking out of mason jars is so fun.’



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