the other day a friend of mine from high school came in from austin for a visit.

to really recreate our high school personas we went to our favorite coffee house in the city where we used to debate philosophy and literature with all of our 12th grade haughtiness.  clearly, we knew everything and were incredibly under challenged in our ap classes.

we were constantly aghast at how dumb our peers were.

destined for bigger and better things, we couldn’t wait to get out of the high school with a barn.

‘you know your class is bad when you’re excited for a test so you can get some peace and quiet.’

we are so different than we were, yet so very much the same.

we recognized the fact that we were 100% full of it in those days and are incredibly embarrassed by our antics at 17. yet we still sat at in the coffee house talking about concepts and theories we had learned about and read (or pretended to read) about in classes.

both working in art, we compared different artists to contemporary work like we used to… only this time…

we had wine.

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