i received an alarming string of texts/tweets last night.

‘get on the ground! it’s FLOORTIME’

‘aggressive floortime. feels like cori when i say those two words together’

‘are you on the ground? if you get on the ground you’ll be with us in spirit.’

thats when i hit the deck. toothbrush and everything.

i almost choked on toothpaste.

but it didn’t matter.

because floortime.

now i’m not sure when and where floortime started. yet i guarantee it was introduced to me by my dear friend harris.

by definition, floortime is just laying on the ground. but it is so much more than that. floortime is lounging at its best. its about dropping whatever you were doing and joining your friends in the fundamentals of life. some heavy decisions were made on the floor of my [old] sorority house, where i’m sure deep chats will be continued for many, many years to come.

college-grad floortime.

this is who we are.

deal with it.

4 thoughts on “floortime.

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