can i take your ticket?

as you all know by now, i’m a volunteering at a contemporary arts organization in the city.

this past friday was the annual membership mixer for a number of the museum’s contributors. now these are not the high-end visitors that we had at the opening a few weeks ago. this is a younger, hipper, more directly artistic crowd shall we say?

the kind of crowd that says things like:

‘yeah the other night was the best, we were tripping on shrooms and sipping great tequila.’

and smokes up a wildfire outside the gallery’s entrance.

the final anticipated guest count was somewhere in the ballpark of 400.

now that seems outrageous to the average person, but for a seasoned recruitment veteran that’s nothing.

every november my alma mater’s greeks hold what is called ‘recruitment preview,’

which is an all day frenzy for freshman to familiarize themselves with greek life and get a feel for each chapter.

each freshman meets girls from each one of the 12 chapters in one day.

last year over 600 girls walked through my house’s front door that day.

yikes right? nah. piece of cake.

so, with three solid years of experience, i put on my best sorority girl smile on (whats up xi?!), with a touch of southern charm to greet and check-in somewhere between 300 and 400 guests.

and despite the heat and the mosquitoes, not even my name tag faltered during the three hour shift.

that being said, i’m sure the pineapple cocktail didn’t hurt a bit. ;)

‘we wouldn’t be anything if it weren’t for the artificial waterway, the artificial air, and bug spray.’


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