or a few things that slipped through the cracks.

1. my new favorite hairstyle. i wore my hair in a fishtail loop like this at the museum’s mixer and it could not have been easier or more perfect.

there’s a tutorial by my favorite how-to hair and makeup guru here.  (what a sorority girl.)

2. inspired by my pool’s color my nails are now painted with essie’s mint candy apple. [SO TAN.]

3. a old picture of last year’s tailgate before the nu-purdue game.  this weekend’s loss to illinois was a rough one, and made me miss the key jingling, heckling crowds at nu homegames.

excuse me while i bleed purple all over my living room.

4.  these crazy cars seem to be following me.

5.  self-portrait at a reunion with an old friend.

6.  the beautiful dewy building where i spent two miserable hours at the dentist.

but on the bright side – he said, with quite the texas drawl, my teeth were now ‘purdy enough to put up on the refrigerator.’  dawww.

5 thoughts on “rewind.


    It’s almost back! Using shampoo/conditioner for horses (called Main & Tail, specific stuff, not any generic horsie crap) actually makes human hair super healthy and grow twice as fast. Fact. Because I’ve got chin length hair now, and I’ve been using that stuff religiously for 6 months.

    Boo you, making me miss my hair so much.
    But I did book mark that video, because it is an amazingly cute look!

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