whoa – slow down trick daddy.

on the way to the museum today i found this mysterious purple mixed cd in my car.

i popped it into the cd player and mandy moore starting singing about her latest crush.  the words came rushing back and before i knew it i was singing along.

this was just as bad as when i knew all the words an uncle cracker song.

except i take full responsibility for learning the words to this song.

shut up.

as crush ended a song that i barely remembered by trick daddy started up and i knew i’d struck gold.

turns out this cd is seventeen types of what-the-hell-is-this that has been forgotten behind a mediocre mix in the door of my car for god knows how long.

in all honesty, i’d love to doctor this playlist to make me seem cooler, but i didn’t.  i left the vengaboys.

whatever, i’m too busy being j.lo and singing with ja rule.

let everyone else in traffic stare. because i’m real.

and don’t even try to tell me that you didn’t just DIE when nelly came on.

‘cori did you really follow tupac with michelle branch?’

why yes. yes i did.

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