i love a good swedish whisk.

you know the days when nothing seems right? and you just want to stay in bed but you can’t sleep and there isn’t anything good on tv… well except bill and ted’s excellent adventure, but you don’t want to watch that because watching a keanu movie is really rock bottom?

well today was that kind of day.

so after a little wallowing, and a little floortime, i picked myself up and decided to do something that always makes me happy.

i baked.


and i made caramel from scratch for the very first time.

and i cut a chunk out of the cupcakes and filled them with it.

and added chocolate ganache.


‘i don’t get this whole salty thing…’

‘what? its so good. just try it.’

‘… its strange.’

‘salted caramel? its a thing, dad.’

‘maybe its going to be the thing and it hasn’t gotten here… or it was the thing… and no one liked it.’

ugh, there’s no reasoning with some people.

(recipe here.)


4 thoughts on “i love a good swedish whisk.

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  2. Oh daddy. Why cut up the cupcake? I have one of those squeezy bottles that I just poke the cupcake with. Does the same job, but with less use of the sharp and point stuffs. Therefore easier!

    I foresee a bake-off between us around Christmas…

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