game day.

much like i do most saturdays, i woke up late. only today that was an issue because i was supposed to cook ina garten’s perfect eggs for breakfast.

ina garten aka the barefoot contessa aka the asshole chef.

why you ask?

‘because the orchard is in bloom so i thought i’d make fillet mignon for jeffery outside.’

also because she stomps on dreams.

anyway, the ‘perfect scrambled eggs’ are cooked in butter and made with a splash of heavy cream (which i had left over from the cupcakes)  over a low heat. keep in mind that it takes much longer than you’d expect but they are fluffy and delicious.

damn you ina.

once we were all fed and caffeinated, we settled into saturday college football mode.

in case you don’t already know… i come from a big ten family. both my parents went to purdue and my dad grew up in university of michigan’s backyard.  my aunt went to michigan state, i have a cousin who goes to ohio state and i just graduated from northwestern.

(i win.)

so rivalries are big in my family. we hate notre dame, and indiana, and iowa, and ohio state, and u of i, and wisconsin (and many more). we have so many foes that we are actually don’t give a damn about any of the texas schools. ut? whatever. a&m? who cares. we got bigger problems.

but above all… i love football.

and not in a i-like-to-paint-my-face-and-look-cute kind of way, although…

i do love a little face paint now and then.

harris and i just cannot handle the stress of northwestern football.

but really, i love football in a what-is-that-bullshit-that-hes-trying-to-pull?-you-can’t-forward-pass-past-the-line-of-scrimmage! kind of way.

so all i ever have on my schedule for a saturday is yelling at my tv and jumping up and down in my living room.  and today was no different.

except i added a bloody mary.

note: the quick recipe for the perfect bloody mary:

vodka (duh.) spicy hot v8. worcestershire sauce. a few drops of tabasco. ice. a straw.

it was a rough day for  purdue as they lost to penn state – which didn’t exactly make me feel at ease about nu’s homecoming game next week’s as they play father time and the nittany lions.

but my clemson tigers (why do i love them? i stumbled on one of their games a few weeks ago and they are remarkable.) won and one of their players, sammy watkins, ran a kickoff return 89 yards for a touchdown just as i changed the channel.  of course, that moment came just after the disappointing concusion of the most important game of the day.

because once again… my beloved northwestern had some incredible moments and some fantastic plays, but we unfortunately lost to iowa. IOWA. but instead of focusing on this loss, i choose to remember the perfect rain-soaked victory of last year. when we stormed the field and rejoiced in beating the hell out of the hawkeyes.


i hate iowa.

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