as you know, my brother recently sent me an canon ae-1, which was originally a christmas gift from my dad to my mother in 1982.  and its just gorgeous. but seeing as i’m 22 and its 2011… i’d never actually used a camera like this before, and i’ve only used digital cameras for as long as i can remember.  so i don’t know anything about how to use it. i have a college degree and i was 100% stumped by this tiny machine.

so just like anyone in my generation… i googled it.

from there i learned all about the different mechanics of the camera and i changed the battery, bought the correct film, and set the camera to the coordinating speed and then i opened the camera to insert the film. and i was stumped again.


i eventually set everything up correctly and decided to drive down to galveston for the day as it was 75 gorgeous degrees and breezy. i parked along the nearly empty streets and walked up and down the strand in the early afternoon light.

now, galveston was almost completely destroyed in a massive hurricane in 1900, and the people of galveston, as well as the entirety of the gulf coast (self included) live with the threat of hurricanes.  but thats another story. the strand is a historic district composed of several admittedly touristy shops but some incredible architecture.  i took lots of photos by the strand and then headed towards the seawall and the beach.

everything was perfect until i had to rewind the film. i thought that it was all the way rewound, that it was safe to open the latch and take out the film.

but i was wrong.

all of the photographs that i took were overexposed. BUT they have this mint green overlay to them that is actually quite extraordinary and i love them all just the same.

the strand.

shearn moody plaza.

the details are just immense.


the great storm of 1900 memorial.

here’s to getting it right next time.

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