‘this is like a family reunion. i’ll be madea.’

so i lied.

i’ve actually been planning to go to homecoming for weeks.  i just didn’t tell anyone… except for sammy, who was hugely helpful in keeping the secret and helping me plan the surprise. i know that it meant that i wasn’t part of organizing anything that we would do, but the shock that i would receive was just too much to pass up.

also how fun is it to send travel updates via covert tweets?

@coritweets : besos mi amor!

translation?? I’M ON THE KISS N’ FLY. BE THERE SOON.

maybe i should change my twitter handle to @agentcori.


superquick tangent.

anyway, i wish that i’d had the wherewithal to snap a picture of each person when I first saw them, but that would just be too perfect.  the general reaction though was a complete lack of recognition. i got a lot of blank stares as the wheels turned in everyone’s heads in a well-she-looks-familiar-but-she’s-in-texas-tweeting-pictures-of-cows-or-tumbleweeds-or-something-i-don’t-pretend-to-know-what-the-hell-happens-down-south-and-OH-MY-GOD-ITS-TRUE kind of way.

some people even threw things.

the first night everyone was too surprised for us to actually do anything, and you know… people in the real world had class on friday.

also it was VITAL that i lay low so as to not ruin the surprise for others.

monster pile. the new floortime.


but then we wanted burgers. but really we wanted cake. oh but actually a shake sounded good. or maybe fries??

so we enacted a plan to go get steak and shake at midnight, which was just SO college.

discarded whip cream.

because ew.

and i don’t care what you say – whip cream tastes like almonds.

OH. but before that happened… i had to track down one of my good friends who was a candidate for homecoming court.

katie was one of the girls that i was new member educator for when she first joined my sorority. and she’s just the best. super involved in campus, but also has incredible dedication to academics as well as to her friends. i consider myself so lucky to know her and i was so proud of her when i learned that she was up for queen.

so i had to do it…

i HAD to make her a traditional texas homecoming mum.

there were even tiny cowbells.



2 thoughts on “‘this is like a family reunion. i’ll be madea.’

    • she got to do a million activities with the other people on court. has several pictures with seth meyers. stood on the football field during the game. rode on the float waving like a movie star. and got a crazy mum from her equally crazy texan friend.
      i’d say she won everything. :D

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