‘i’m an alum.’

so on the next day of my homecoming trip, sammy and i did all sorts of college-y things.  which really means that i took embarrassing touristy photos of things that i’ve seen 7,000 times, and we hung out in Northwestern’s student center: my beloved Norris.


damn, to really be touristy i should’ve taken one of those tours that students lead – you know the ones that somehow require them to walk backwards and point out different buildings on campus, while talking about how safe everything is. when really someone almost got staked in the parking lot right near my apartment my senior year.

yes, i went to vampire u.

anyway, a caffeine headache started abrewing, so while we were at norris messing around on the computers (sidenote: vote for sammy) waiting for our coffee…

they spelled my name right on my cup!

it’s the little things in life.

shut up.

a little old lady with a sweet alumni nametag and scarf sat next to me and asked about the computers.  i forget how but somehow i ended up telling her  ‘i’m an alum, too – i just graduated in june!’

wait but i really can’t remember why i told her that…

although i guess if there were any appropriate time to yell I’M AN ALUM at people it would be this trip.

but then i followed it by – ‘oh but let me log you into the computer – my netid still works!’ because really… i was on facebook.

and that, my friends, is the distinction between ‘alumni’ and ‘young alum’. damnit.

later, i decided it was time for another cup of coffee.

if you think that’s weird, you don’t know me at all.

so kelda and i walked all the way to south evanston to our i’m-going-to-pretend-to-do-work coffeehouse.

they always serve the most beautiful cups of coffee.

the foam swirls just let you know that everything is going to be ok – even if life is messy and you haven’t finished your reading.

while we were there we started getting ‘i hear cori’s here. let this be true. WHERE ARE YOU?’ kind of text messages. hoping to hold off on blowing the surprise, i sent silly vague messages back that either say cori is here or damn she’s weird.

both true.

and then we walked all the way back home because we don’t have fall in texas and i couldn’t get enough of the colors on the trees. we finally got back to my old sorority house and set up camp on the famous gold couch.

now the gold couch is the best couch in the world.  i would say that during my junior year i was a permanent fixture there and all in all i probably wrote about 83.4% of all my college papers and did a whole lot of snugglin’ there in my day.  it has the perfect amount cushion and is the ideal material so that you’re not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter. its also right by an outlet and you can see all of the living room and the majority of the sun porch from there.

now don’t fight over it alright y’all?

its also the perfect hiding place as you have to come around a corner and peek around a lamp to see who is sitting on the couch. so it seemed like the best place to sit and wait for my friends to show up so we could all go to the homecoming parade.

and then i was the most nervous person in the world. i don’t even know why. maybe i thought that no one would be as excited as i wanted them to be – or that they would have already found out. anyway i felt like i was about to die – and i kept asking everyone ‘what do i do with my hands!?’ as if it was such a huge problem. BUT I REALLY DIDN’T KNOW.

this is what happened after kat threw a bag full of tshirts at me.

we sat here together, all happy and piled on top of one another, until the second we had to leave to get good seats for the parade.

i love a good parade.

somewhere in there was a sassy band who marched with some attitude and kept trying to get glowsticks from northwestern fans…

no i will not give you my glowstick even though i’m 22 and you’re 15.


seth meyers, my house’s winning float, also the guy who was live blogging the parade here.

take forty-five seconds and click that link.

i’m not kidding.

the fact that i just found this live blog is hilarious. because at the time we had joked that that guy was probably writing a paper (#northwestern) and we were the ‘squall of women nearby [chanting] “katie! katie! katie!” hurrah for katie.’

i know that the line ‘hurrah for katie’ is supposed to read as super blasé, i’m-just-as-good-as-everyone-else-but-better-because-i’m-alternative-because-i-write-for-northbynorthwestern-and-not-the-daily, but whatever….



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