check it.

after the parade, my other young alum friends convinced me to go downtown with them for one last big chicago hurrah.  so we hailed a cab and headed to our friend’s apartment who lives in the city.  as she had not heard of my arrival yet – i had one last shock to give.

so we lined up in front of peggy’s apartment building where she would have to come out and let us in.  and i hid around the corner of the entrance in the bushes. duh.

i jumped out as she answered the door. and realized i was 100% out of view.


i quickly jumped back into the shrubberies. and thought of a superquick plan B.

as we normally do, there were hugs all around, and i heard each greeting one by one. so i waited for just a few seconds after the last hug when, if i remember correctly, someone said, ‘can i have a hug??’ and then i figured out the perfect moment.

‘do you have a hug for me?’

‘SHUT THE %$^%&^*&( UP.’

and then she slammed her keys into the ground.  perfect. and just like that it felt as if we had never left one another. what a reunion, y’all.

although, you have to mention the people who were not able to come back for homecoming. you know who you are – we missed you all dearly – and i hope for that a full reunion isn’t too far away.  because i love you all so much and i could really use some toasts and singing.

speaking of which, my grandmother always used to say that when you’ve had a shock you should equalize it with some sugar.

i always say tequila.

we only had wine.

but i’d say that we made do quite well.

look at those skinny arms.

we actually wore the nametags.

and then we figured out why we shouldn’t be put into an environment with glowsticks, a photobooth, and an open bar.



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