happy halloween.

as you know by now, i’m from a big ten family. so on the weekends, we live and breathe football. so after watching game after game, i really really wanted to throw a football around. and as my brother was more of a baseball guy growing up and my sister and i clearly didn’t have any interest in the game before i went to northwestern, we don’t own a football.  until i went out and bought a football so my dad and i could play catch.

sometimes i’m a boy.

shut up.

so i’m not a great wide receiver.

ok so i’m actually a really bad wide receiver.

clearly my place is at quarterback. just look at that spin.

the day before halloween, my mom and i had this overwhelming desire to carve a pumpkin. this is hardly a tradition that we have ever partaken in, in fact… i’ve never carved a pumpkin before this weekend.

because… ew, pumpkin guts.

now i wouldn’t even take the insides out, because i can’t deal with icky hands…

but i did all the carving.


– lord alistair carden the third.

i put him outside to greet all of our little trick or treaters, who included simba (in a stroller), a tiny wolverine with huge muscles, and a six year old with huge glow stick hoop earrings (i have no idea what her costume was supposed to be), and a little girl who was either a mary katherine gallegher, a nerd, or a harry potter character. its really impossible to say.

and i ran around the house in football jersey, running spandex capris, and sneakers.

so i was either a football player or a jersey chaser. and i don’t care which.


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