‘holy americana batman.’

saturday was wonderful.

it started out with a great morning with some of my best friends.  peggy made us coffee and breakfast from scratch (what a saint), and we watched the 2002 teen hit crossroads starring britney spears, zoe saldana (eva from center stage – another favorite), justin long (the mac guy), and dan aykroyd for no reason.

now crossroads is a hidden gem, its blaringly awful but in the most hilarious way. and with all movies that are this ridiculous – we have drinking game rules…


longing looks.

rich bitch.

white trash.

disapproving parents.

virginity/loss of.

although i have to say it was just as hysterical watching with a cup of coffee instead of a cocktail. but what was really magical about this morning is how like amazingly strange we are around one another without giving a damn.  we sat around for hours making fun of one another while sitting squished together on a couch, recounting stories just like we used to do when we were all at school together. and it was then that i realized how much i’d missed them all.

after we were fed and caffeinated, we headed north to campus, continuing our reunion by loudly talking across the train car and cackling together.

yes, we are those obnoxious people on the L who you cannot drone out by your earbuds.


that afternoon, my sorority hosted its annual chilibowl philanthropy for the make-a-wish foundation. its a football tournament/chili cookout and it could not be a more beautiful day for the occasion.

reunited with part of my wonderful pledge family.

“playing catch.”

from there we still had several hours before kickoff. which is so weird for us because 96.2% of the northwestern games that i’ve been to have started at 11am, after the student body had already spent several hours tailgating.

(read: playing dizzy bat and beer pong.)

as we had not yet been to the lake during this trip, becca and i were dying to go for a walk. so we recruited several friends and headed through the frat quads (what’s up bro?) for a quick taste of college towards the lake.

we did, however, have to walk through the parking lot of the athletics facility on north campus where people were tailgating as far as the eye could see. and thats where we found the lifesize jenga players who wouldn’t let us pass until we played along. kelda was the poor soul that they selected to take the first brick, but they accused her of cheating (which i still don’t understand because they would not tell me why. jerks.)  and apparently they didn’t like my insistence that they tell me because the ringleader started calling me ‘shades’ (what? i just had eye surgery for god’s sake ! ok it was a year ago. shut up.), which was weird, because he was also wearing sunglasses. douche.

‘how about i just push this over and we call it a day?’

don’t make fun of my sunglasses.

eye damage is nothing to shrug your shoulders about.

you’ve just gotta admire that skyline.

and then we were giants.

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