the game.

it wasn’t long then before we had to start getting ready (or pack 6,000 more layers of clothing) for the game.  when we finally got on the bus to ryan field, kelda, elizabeth and i were right on the fault line between the northwestern fans and the penn state fans.

save for the nu frat guy behind kelda and i who looked like he was about to vom.

‘i love you bro.’

he didn’t say that… but i wanted him to.

and before we knew it there was an old fashioned cheer off.

thats a thing.

that i just made up.

some dumb penn state song that i really wanted to reference ben franklin or cheese steak was answered by the glorious northwestern fight song. and WE ARE… PENN STATE (which sounds like they needed to be reminded of where the hell they go to school),

WE ARE…. um… a little help guys?


oh right… thanks bro. (rinse and repeat.)

was met with a good ole GO U… NU. as a girl took a swig from a flask, she started the fight song again. it was so deliciously college… until, of course, that old ‘NERDS’ chant started up again. i mean… what is that? is it 1984?  just wait til that state school chant comes out in a fury like you would not believe.

when we finally got to the stadium we had to abide by normal routine of waiting a little longer to get to the right unloading spot before we could get off the bus, and then instead of staying in their seats like normal human beings, the penn state fans in the back of the bus left through the back emergency door. who. does. that?

‘ew how tacky.’

and there it was.

and then i snuck into the student section with my expired wildcard… because i like their cheers better.


night games really are the best.

and it really was an great and exciting game.

now, as a wildcat fan, the highs are really high and the lows are really low.

last year we saw our star quarterback, dan persa, go down with a torn achilles after throwing a touchdown pass to beat iowa.  and towards the end of saturday’s game the cheers where the same as he grabbed his ankle.  ‘let’s go persa!’

i was the common denominator. it was all my fault. my face was hot and tears started to pool in my eyes.

i told you it was intense to be a wildcat fan.

shut up.

he was helped off the field and i spent the next few plays trying to watch the game while keeping one eye on the sidelines where the trainers were working on his leg. apparently those watching tv at home heard that he only had turf toe and would be alright. but UGH, what a moment.

so we lost. and we had to make the walk in the cold nighttime air back towards campus.

but then i spent the rest of the night sitting on a couch surrounded by my best friends catching up and laughing. and it didn’t matter that i didn’t go out to the keg or meet seth meyers. this is why i went – and thats how i spent the rest of my trip – treasuring the time i was given with the people that i’ve spent all my time at home missing. and i cannot be more grateful for that.

‘is it possible to have won homecoming weekend? because if so, we definitely did.’


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