things i love.

or how to be me in ten easy steps… not that you’d want to.

but secretly you do.


but really, this is about surviving sorority recruitment.

tomorrow is recruitment preview, which is the first time that freshman are formally introduced into greek life. EVERY freshman girl goes to each of the 12 sorority chapters and gets to chat for a half an hour and get a feel for the active members. its a fun, but admittedly, long day.  but with three years of experience, i thought i’d share what kept me sane and happy during such a busy time.

note: these are also good for general life.

  1. hand sanitizer: during the swine flu epidemic, panhellenic banned handshaking. greeting people is super awkward when you can’t shake their hand or at least high five them, so thankfully they reversed the rule and handshakes are back to stay! but so are germs. purell yourself!
  2. eyelash curler: now i get made fun of a lot for my obsession with my eyelash curler. but i really don’t believe you are fully dressed and ready to face the world unless you have curly lashes. (what!? my eyelashes are super straight… shut up.)
  3. mascara: along the same lines, you need a good mascara. i like l’oreals voluminous mascara. both original and waterproof. ready for the routine? curl eyelashes. apply original mascara. wait to dry. curl eyelashes. apply waterproof. wait to dry. curl eyelashes. now you’re ready. (yes, you can make fun of me.)
  4. coffee: when i was so nervous before recruitment my first year as a recruiter, a wise upperclassman explained to me that you needed two things to get through recruitment. a beverage with caffeine, and a beverage with vitamin c. plan accordingly.
  5. breath mints: obvious reasons. :D
  6. face primer: smashbox’s photo finish primer is made out of dreams and starlight. it’s a little pricey but as you only need a little under your foundation/powder/whatever to keep your face looking fresh and not oily, it lasts forever.  but there are also a lot of brands that make affordable primer that still works great – neutrogena for one has a primer that is about half the price of this one.
  7. eye shadow primer: now i would not ever buy anything else but urban decay’s eyeshadow potion primer. it is a godsend.  you can put on eye shadow over a little primer at 9am and it will still look perfect at 9pm. i like the original but if you want to be fancy there is also a sparkly one, but be careful… you might end up looking like a crazy  lady who wears too many strands of pearls, blue eye shadow and won’t take off her fur coat.
  8. chapstick: with all the talking that you do your lips get SO dry. and nothing is worse than chapped lips. burt’s bees chapstick with pomegranate oil is my top choice because it gives you a little bit of color so you don’t have to worry about looking anemic.
  9. pizza and beer (and sports): after so much girl-flirting, you need some time to really kick back and do something manly. so order some papa johns, crack open a beer, and only communicate with your friends via grunting.  this is the only thing that saved becca and i last year. beer of choice? stella artois.
  10. hugs (in both original and neck): at the end of the day this process is about extending the sisterhood, this is your chance to find new people to add to your family.   you have to be grateful for the people that you’ve found, and those who have found you.

i wish i could be there with you xi!

have fun!


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