silver lining.

or what has been keeping my chin up lately.

thinking about planting rocks like these.

this idea and image come from a blog that i love called : color me katie.  she collected simple little rocks from outside, painted them in bright colors with little hearts on them, and put them back outside for unsuspecting passersby to find.  how sweet.

baking mexican hot chocolate cookies.

these are the quintessential flavors of home for me. whenever i was homesick at college i used to break out the abuelita brand mexican hot chocolate mix and sit all bundled up with a cup and my reading, or my computer (because kelda probably put up new pictures on facebook.)   these cookies give me the same kind of feeling. yum.

(recipe here.)

stumbling on my dream bike in a store front window.

i can’t stop watching daily grace videos.

thanks sammy.  8}

and finally, its that texas attitude of perseverance that keeps me picking myself up from my bootstraps.

kwitchabitchin’ indeed.

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