so i’ve been feeling a little under the weather for the past few days. so obviously that means that i’ve done quite a bit of wallowing in weird places around my house. usually on the floor.

that’s not weird.

as an avid coffee drinker and tabasco-lover, i like to live my life on the edge of an ulcer. so sometimes i just have to cool it for a while.

but a while is SO LONG.

always the one for being proactive, my mom bought me some gross coconut water stuff that my doctor used to tell us would make me feel better and settle my stomach.

but its super gross and tastes… puffy.

what does that even mean??

anyway, i thought… i’d better drink it, but how do i make this more fun for me.

so i added a straw (duh) and sat by the fireplace.

with a football.

but it still sucked.

so i went outside and sat by the pool.

but it was hot and humid and the sun wasn’t even out. UGH.

so i went back inside to see if i had any fun cups that would make this better.

when did i become the goldilocks of beverages?

as it turns out… my family LOVES a novelty mug.

dawwww. i think this is where my obsession with curly lashes began.

it didn’t even help to drink it out of a mug from the king of sweden while holding 3 million dollars in fake money.

‘does sweden even have a king??’

ahem. does this guy look familiar??

come on y’all. you’ve gotta keep up with your contemporary politics.

nice guy. we have a set of those mugs i’ll have you know.

never forget.

proof of a jazzercise addiction, and a sexist mug.

is there secretly a huge prejudice against lefties?

(i do like that the handle is on the other side.)

haughty bastards.


its ironic, ok?



‘what killed the dinosaurs? the ice age!’

yep. that movie actually happened.

this drink could use some vodka.


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