a day at the movies.

to avoid all that twilight business, we went downtown to the resident artsy theater in these parts to see the descendants.

no, not that one.

the alabama theater is a just wondrous art deco structure, but it hasn’t shown a film since ’83. it was a great bookstore for years and years, but it was recently closed, much to my family’s chagrin as we loved perusing the aisles for rare finds on the way home from a day in the city.

word on the street is it’ll be turned into a trader joe’s. ew.

except i love trader joe’s.


anyway, that isn’t the old theater we went to and that isn’t point of the story.

this is the theater we went to.

yes, we have palm trees… everywhere.

that isn’t weird.

but it was 80 degrees on november 21st, which is a crime.

however, i’d love to drive this little number around all year long.

but i digress.

who doesn’t love a hitchcock movie?

my silly, blurry pictures don’t do the theater an ounce of justice.

nevertheless, its a beautiful old theater that plays strange electropop before the movie starts while old people are finicky about where they sit and then tap away on their smart phones.

so postmodern.

and the descendants really was a wonderful movie, that i would highly recommend for y’all to see.

also… george clooney. duh.

but that still isn’t the point of the story.

the real point of all this mess is the love of coffee. or laziness. or consumerism.

i can’t decide which. all i know for sure is that from one spot on this block you can see all of this…



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