‘what do you mean “game?” FOOTBALL IS LIFE.’

well, everyone, last saturday was yet another springs playoff game…

and i am happy to say that the hunters from last week made it out in full force.

but i’m getting ahead of myself.

to get to the stadium we had to drive for almost an hour to get to the middle of nowhere.

aren’t the fall colors beautiful?

except, i wouldn’t exactly call them ‘fall’ colors… its more like forced fall because the trees are dead due to the drought.

please excuse the quality of this photo, as we could not stop for me to take this picture, because…



‘cori… you’re in the car.’

shut up, that is terrifying.

so we finally got to the stadium after a long car ride and i stepped out of the car and realized…

the parking lot wasn’t even paved… its just gravel.

after i overcame that shock, we headed into the stadium to pick out perfects seats in the front row of the second section of bleachers on the fifty yard line.

look at all that nowhere just beyond the stadium.

anyway, our seats were in a pretty prime location. except that meant that there was a walkway in front of us and we had to deal with the endless parade of bleach blonde teenagers wearing bedazzled jeans and flip flops, or letterman jackets, norts (nike shorts – whats up sinead?) and ugg boots.

warm feet ≠ warm legs.

similarly, i don’t care how warm your nascar fleece blanket is.

blankets ≠ jackets.

and it was 68 degrees outside. so, stop it.

and the kiddies were back running on the field!

oh and horse lady.

sadly, we were not sitting in the parent section this week, but we had a incredulous grandparenty couple sitting behind us who could criticize up a storm.

‘you cain’t run into your own men, son!’

(congestion during a kickoff return)

‘for god’s sake it don’t take all three of y’all to look at that dang ball! its short of fourth down!’

thanks, granny.

‘y’all gotta tackle better ‘en that! BREAK DOWN. BREAK DOWN.’

did you see the horse head dance?

and aren’t those accents just the best?

oh and then there was the little family down the row from us who had football helmet maracas, but don’t worry, the cowbells were still quite popular.

but my favorite moment came when the cheerleaders had a stunt involving three girls hoisted by their teammates bearing signs that said


(i forget their names but you get the picture.)

anyway, he was sitting in the stands right near the cheerleaders and would you believe it? he said yes and all hell broke loose in the cheer squad. squeeling and pompoms everywhere.

and tears welled up in my eyes.

shut up.

the game was really close for a good part and half time brought an unexpected surprise.

we had a sassy band on our hands, y’all.

and then their dance team booty-popped to britney spears’ toxic.

how inappropriate.

and i’m really sorry, guys. but i didn’t manage to get video of the horse head committee doing a step routine to the beat of the band.


when the players returned to the field, and the opposing team scored a pivotal touchdown, the unexpected happened.

they had the gall to taunt us by spinning their umbrellas!

so after we scored a touchdown in return, the man in front of us taunted them back.

which granddad and meemaw didn’t like one bit.

‘sir’s puttin’ himself on their level. thats just no good, i tell ya what. there’s just no need to lower ourselves.’

‘he needs to read that sign on his back.’

Its Not About Me… remember?


in the end, they had the last laugh, as springs fell 38-35.

but just as the springs fans began leaving the stadium in huge throngs of people, everything went quiet. two players of the opposing team had collapsed, one was having a seizure. every player instantly took a knee and eventually gathered altogether to pray for the boys.

and in that moment it didn’t matter what color jersey you were wearing. it was just an incredible moment of sportsmanship and care for your fellow man.

as the two boys were wheeled out of the stadium, the opposing team quietly left the stadium, obviously worried about their teammates.  they took the two boys to the hospital as a precaution but we later learned that they both made a full recovery.

the springs players remained on the field for some time, no doubt to reflect on a great season and allow the seniors to say a few words as i’m sure many played their last real game of football that day.

it was a sad way to end the game, but as i said before – it was a great season and i’m glad that i had the opportunity to follow this wonderful team for a little while.

maybe next year, MY old high school will make the playoffs.



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