i know its cliche. but i would say that i am the most grateful for friends and, of course…

for my crazy family.

our actual christmas card photo from last year.


yeah, i thought so.

but, as my brother and sister weren’t able to come home to texas for thanksgiving, it was just my parents and me.

so, we just had to have fun without them.

good morning with prosecco and pineapple. duh.


i peeled this apple in one continuous peel. jealous??

abuela’s delicate china.

wine toys.


green bean casserole.

we are secretly midwestern.


apple pie popovers.

recipe and shambles explanation to come.

oatmeal stout while pretending to be a giant.

‘its a momma, a pappa, and a baby beer!’

sweet dishtowel background, dad.

well this quickly became ‘all the things i drank on thanksgiving.’

whatever, y’all. we’re on vacation.

i hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

cheers, everyone.


‘you know mom…  i never ever got to be a pilgrim when we reenacted the first thanksgiving in school.’


‘and i was so hurt.’

‘but you were a beautiful native american.’

‘i guess thats when pocahontas came out so it was kind of cool.’

‘and you didn’t have to wear buckled shoes.’

‘and i wasn’t a frigid bitch.’

#mixedgirlproblems or #mixedgirlperks?

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