can you even believe…

i was ever this cute??

‘ew why is that water so gross?’

‘its fine!! its just… galveston.’

apparently neither could i.

as i was cleaning today, i came across a box of some of the best pictures from my childhood, and i thought i’d share them with y’all so you can get to know me a little better.

‘stop it, cristin. i don’t camp.’

i loved gardening.

and i was also an asshole.

i love high fives.

but really this was about to be a ‘too slow’ moment. HA… sucker.

also, this is literally my first cousin by blood.

yes, really. i know she’s blonde.

get over it.


just pretend you didn’t have that haircut.

oh, also clays. HA.

what? this only happened once.


shut up.

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