music monday: study buddy edition.

so… music monday. its going to be a thing now.

deal with it.

anyway, this week is finals week at northwestern so i thought that i’d send out a little music to help the studying come along.

in case you want to shuffle it up, the link is here.

alternatively, you may like a little upbeat (ish) music during your allnighter or your most-of-the-nighter: i-slept-for-two-hours-and-don’t-talk-to-me-until-i-have-a-huge-coffee-study-session…

link here.

for a little extra something something, add in some rainymood or if you are on a macbook download the chill app.

chill is rainymood plus all of the other white noise that you know and love.

including rainforest, wind chimes, and crickets.


good luck!

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