dear santa…

i 100% forgot to send you a letter this year. and since i’m not sure if you can get a letter from texas to the north pole and have time to shop for all of my gifts, i’ve decided to share my list here.

especially since i know that you are such an avid reader of my blog.


also i’m adding photos of all the things i want and links to all most of them to avoid any confusion that will just embarrass us both.

[i. e. 1995: pony ornament ≠ pony.]

1. forest canopy bed – this bed is just so lovely. trees may be one of my favorite objects found in nature, yes maybe even more than flowers, because trees are much more regenerative than flowers.  this may be as close to get to sleeping under the trees.

as we’ve previously discussed – i. don’t. camp.

2. breville espresso maker – i love coffee. obviously. my dream is to have a giant espresso maker that i barely understand but makes the most delicious cup of espresso that one could even comprehend.  $600? ugh.

3. champagne carryall – i believe that champagne can be served in three acceptable ways : in champagne flutes (preferred), in clear plastic cups (for surprises), or straight out of the bottle (in a pinch or spontaneous moment of joy.) with this case, you don’t have to settle.

4. kitchenaid stand mixer – isn’t this just every girl’s dream??

no, of course it isn’t. stop being sexist.

it just happens to be mine… shut up.

5. iphone – don’t act like you don’t want an iphone. i don’t believe you.

6. a BLACK prius – you can’t argue with 51 mpg. if you could get this in a stick shift i would die on the spot.

what? its just more fun.

7. a digital slr camera – what? i just look really good in high def.

8. a westie – me oh my, how i would love this little dog. i would take pictures of him with my new camera and my instagram would be filled with his little face. we would sit up in bed on saturday mornings while i’d drink magical espresso and i’d read him his horoscope (he’s a gemini like me, obviously.) and then we’d drive out to a dog park where he could meet his dog friends and i’d bring doggie biscuits that i’d whipped up from scratch. sigh.

cheers santa.

love always,



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