could you call this homesickness?

lately i’ve really been missing everything. my friends, my adventures, my freedom. so i thought i’d share some cell phone pictures that have sort of slipped through the cracks and ended up completely forgotten. my phone is approximately seven years behind the technology curve so please excuse the quality.

if you went to northwestern, you know these trees. they bloom in the springtime with the most beautiful pink and white flowers you’ve ever seen, and then they all fall away and the tree is rich with full green leaves and you curse yourself for not taking better pictures of them or enjoying them more because you were just too busy.

go and have tacos at big star, its basically in the middle of nowhere (by northwestern standards), and you have to be 21 to go, but they have the best tacos ever. wear appropriate hipsteresque attire and you’ll (hopefully) see this mural across the street.

this is my favorite thing to do. disappear for the day without telling anyone. get a cup of coffee and get on the L towards the loop and head to the art institute. walking into the huge, dominating building, with nothing to do but enjoy the art makes you feel like you can fly.

michelangelo pistoletto is amazing, his work is all about implicating the viewer in the actions of the people he portrays. in that way the piece is always changing, adapting to its surroundings, and reflecting reactions.

find this piece.

i’ll give you a hint: its in the modern wing by a pile of debris.

no, i’m not kidding.

this is what getting an art history degree looks like.

that postcard was part of an interactive work at the art institute.

i was not using it for inspiration. gosh.

concerts in millennium park.

i miss the fact that being from the south made me such a novelty amongst my friends.

look at that pretentious pinky.

one of my favorite paintings from northwestern’s library.

if you don’t know where this is you aren’t spending enough time studying.

just kidding.

cezanne doodles in class.

if you don’t see the mountains, we can’t be friends.

its a blind contour ok?! UGH.

random picasso not far from state street that i happened upon during one of my disappearing days.

my beloved sorority house in the winter time.

i miss all the things.

3 thoughts on “homesick.

  1. Muah!

    You know that they paint over that mural like every other week, right? Violet hour thinks they can be all trendy and hipster like that.


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