obsessed with: bloglovin’.

y’all. let’s have a chat.

i often have a short attention span and tend to forget all the websites that i want to see, or read, or watch videos on. whether its just one post, or anything they will ever write, i can never remember what the hell it was about or where the hell i can find it again.

i have somewhere between 52 and 7,000 bookmarked pages.

just a guesstimate.

anyway, thats beside the point.  the point is that there is actually a website that condenses all the blogs you love and want to stay up to date on.

it’s called bloglovin’ and  here’s how it works:

what usually happens is that i forget.


and then something like this happens…

i’ll have over a hundred blogs to catch up on, and i’ll have 50 tabs open.

don’t act like you don’t have a million tabs open at any given time.

i know you better than that.

but, nevertheless, i get through all of them in due time, and i keep up with my current events.

yes, that means the latest texas style me pretty wedding.

shut up.

its just a suggestion, but i think its a great tool and really i’ve been meaning to talk to you about organizing your madness. i might be crazy in my own endearing (i hope) way, but at least i’m trying. and at least i’m not being judgmental towards the people who are trying to help me out. GOSH.

anyway, i don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to keep tabs on kaplan, harris, nin(j)a (and her new blog ninaaquafina), and me.

how rude.

[click here.]

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