a very camo christmas.

life has been incredibly busy lately what with the holidays and my siblings returning and all, so i hope you aren’t feeling too dejected and forgotten.

grow up.

i finally had time to check my camera for anything that might have slipped through the cracks in the past week or so, and i was pleasantly surprised by a whole heap of hilarity. about a week ago, during the height of our christmas shopping frenzy, stella and i decided to take a break from the stores crammed with people and merchandise strewn all over the aisles to get back to nature.

which obviously means that we went to bass pro shop.

now, this is a real store for people really committing to being country. yeah. we’ll go with that.

most of these images speak for themselves.

really, underarmour? really?

every shoe display needs a fox in pursuit and flying geese overhead.

‘hit three and win a sticker!’

this is real life.



‘oh, so thats what they look like.’


‘well, i’ve only ever seen feet up by the side of the road.’

theres a frilly collar so you know its for a girl.

‘i’d also hit that.’

ew. stop it.

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