music monday: run, run, run.

well everyone, i basically baked all the things this weekend, which i will tell you about later on. see, i was supposed to do that today… but i completely forgot that music monday was a thing. ugh.  so we’re going to be a little out of order this week.

but life is messy – so i’m really teaching you a great life lesson that you’ll thank me for one day.

get over it.

but anyway, i baked all the things and in effort to fight against a situation like this:

the holiday weight issue.

not having to shimmy down joey tribbiani after getting stuck on a fire escape.


i went for an extra long run yesterday, which should have been longer, but my silly knee just refuses to cooperate.  too much abuse in my gymnast days, i’m sure. but that’s another story for another day.


UGH… fine.

these are some of my favorite running songs that have gotten me through some hard miles, tried and true in those in 20 degree evanston runs (not factoring in windchill.)

this is, admittedly, the most eclectic playlist i’ve ever created.

sorry i’m not sorry.

4 thoughts on “music monday: run, run, run.

  1. I have a Friends obsession and I love this scene. My friends joke with me about how anytime we’re having a problem/life situation, I can find a Friends reference that goes with it. I’m like “Yeah, one time that happened to Monica so she had to…” :)

    Out of all those songs, I ended up listening to 99 problems and Who Am I

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