rewind: feliz navidad.

ew. i hate that song.

this is the last christmas post for this year. PROMISE.  you’ve just gotta hear about the christmas eve shambles.

and, of course, i have to share with you my favorite aspect of the christmas season: the post-christmas-eve-mass-don’t-you-dare-change-your-damn-clothes-yet-holiday-picture. i love presents as much as the next hyper-productive consumer, but when i forget what i got the year before, i always remember how much fun we have taking this picture. and yelling at one another. because my brother always has some damn goofy expression and my sister shuts her eyes in 94.3% of all pictures.

but i digress.

anyway, this year’s picture came after an eventful christmas mass.   you know how we catholics love some good incense? well, let’s just say that the seminary student was a little overzealous, and instead of a hint of incense in the air, there was a huge amount of smoke.  i was sitting at the end of the pew closest to the red-faced student.

every cough from the faithful made me giggle more.

i was stifling laughter so hard that i probably look like i was seizing.

so i glanced back to see the presiding priest.

dammit he caught me laughing.

that’s it. straight to hell.

to my delight he was smiling and seemed to be trying not to giggle himself. i quickly turned around and tried to stop laughing again. as this must’ve gone on for five full minutes (at the very least), the priest finally stepped in and somehow fixed the incense situation. but not before joking with the man in front of me who was in the direct path of the smoke.

‘well, you must be so holy by now.’


‘you probably don’t need to go to confession for like ten years.’

nervous laugh.

‘or… sainted. you can thank me later.’

and then i nearly burst from the laughter.

‘at least we made it rose scented??’

yikes, father. yikes.

after mass, we all gathered in front of our tree to take the christmas picture. which is always such a production. this year we came downstairs from freshening our makeup, and saw a plastic bag hanging from the ceiling light.


whatever, clay.

we do eventually take a nice picture…

but it sure is a long time comin’…

P.S. look at that skinny arm.

dad’s famous moose antlers + poinsettias. i’m not sure why.



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