i don’t even know what to say about this year.  its been a wild ride, and i have a feeling that 2012 is going to see some major changes.

and other cliches.

anyway, lets take a super quick look back.

in january…

we had new friends and new fun right away.

jellyfish. starfish.

if you don’t know what that means, you weren’t meant to.

if you do… well you know what to do.

and northwestern’s library had jokes…

that felt too real.

in february…

the snow fell hard.

in march…

we were beautiful and danced like mad.

and elizabeth cut off all her hair.

and it was perfect.

and the boots found me.

in april…

we had a good old fashioned birthday party for our sorority’s anniversary.

116 and she doesn’t look a day over 22!

and kate became a princess.

we stayed up all night and yes, some of us cried.

shut up.

and in may, there was only happiness…

we had a ‘canada: america’s hat’ party.

which could have also been called wear plaid-jean-shorts-and-a-puffy-vest party.

or hunters shooting a moose.


and dillo.

oh my, did dillo happen.

and then we were pretty.

and in june…

i celebrated my 22nd birthday in the library.

thank you again, sammy for the beautiful crown and the happy birthday song at midnight.

and for glaring back at that studying girl. she had it coming.

and then i was an alumni.

in july,

kelsey, sammy, and i awoke in the dead of night to watch the storms from our stoop.

[image via.]

in august…

we were reunited with an old friend.

tony bennett, of course.

and i headed south.

in september…

i made it home.

and unpacked the darndest things.

‘when will i ever need a oversized-sliced-neckline-flashdance-style-teeshirt?’


in october…

there were wildcat hugs.

in november…

we followed the friday night lights of texas high school football.

and in december…

my team lost. but i won. because i got to see so many people that i really and truly love.

really my life at northwestern was about hugs.

yeah… that seems accurate.

well, its been… something.

come at me 2012.

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