music monday: phosphorescent.

i don’t even know what to say about this band.  i just love everything about it. phosphorescent is one guy, and a handful of instruments. his music is sort of heartbroken, creepy, and unpolished, which i realize doesn’t sound appealing at all, but it is.

or something.

this is a picture from a cool night this summer that i had the privilege of laying in the grass in millennium park with a bottle of wine and a group of friends,  listening to phosphorescent play.  it was just perfect.  also doesn’t frank gehry just blow your mind?

months later, i would overhear a willie nelson song in a store…

because… texas.

and then i realized that i owned an entire willie nelson tribute album without knowing it. anyway, i’m fairly certain that i have every phosphorescent song ever in the world, and choosing songs for this playlist  was a nightmare. but, after a lot of heartache, i’ve narrowed it down to these favorites. including a few of those famous willie tributes.

so… i realize that a huge part of this playlist is from the to willie album.

i guess next week’s music monday might have to be about good old shotgun willie.



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