so-rawr-ity girl.

this time of year is crazy for northwestern sorority women. and seeing as i’ve misplaced the video i took of my house learning how to do the hoedown throwdown like miley cyrus, you’ll just have to trust me.

i suspect foul play.

why am i bringing this up? because recruitment starts tonight.  and y’all already know the deal as i posted my recruitment survival guide a few months ago when preview happened. those tips still apply.

never underestimate the power of pizza and beer.

also the necessity of hugs.

this is also kind of an open love letter to my girls…  see i’m from the south, right?


and in my southern upbringing, sororities had a very specific image to me (from the outside). i’m not saying that it was bad, i’m just saying that never saw myself in a sorority.  i don’t know how to describe myself pre-northwestern, except for as opposite of a typical sorority girl than you can possibly imagine.  but i started recruitment at the suggestion of a classmate who didn’t want to go through it alone, and i never expected what would come of it. my parents were shocked when i called to tell them that i was going to go through recruitment, especially since neither one of them was greek. but just like any other decision i’ve ever made, they were amazingly supportive, albeit puzzled by my decision.  and that has made all the difference.

bottom line:  my sorority is the biggest thing in my life that i never expected to be.

basically, you go through recruitment looking for a group of people that you will fit in with.  i was looking for people who would push me to be more than i already was. i wanted to be a better friend, a more dedicated student, and ultimately, i wanted to lead a fuller life.  and in my four years, the girls who i had the pleasure of getting to know helped me become who i am today. they are the ones who would stay up with me to write papers, cry during sappy movies, and lay on the floor with me laughing until we cried.  every one of you means much more to me than you could ever know, and it kills me that i can’t be there with you for hugs in the middle of the night.  but at the very least you should know that i’m thinking about you this week and every other week of the year.

have fun, and just enjoy the craziness . i miss you all and i’m sending you all the love that i possibly can.

until we have toasts and singing,


3 thoughts on “so-rawr-ity girl.

  1. Aw, it’s nice to read such a positive thing about sororities. I live in the south so they definitely have a stereotype that is often shown to be true. I know it’s not true for all of them, but still. Great post!

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