so as we all know, my beloved northwestern wildcats came to visit me in texas to play those crazy aggies of texas a&m. and since i come from the belly of the beast, i had been working on my trash talking for weeks.

the day before the game, i had the pleasure of picking up one of my sorority sisters and surprising our friends in the band at afternoon practice.

this is where we creeped.

‘are we allowed here? can we go on the field? i’ve never been on a field’

‘wait. i see holly! lets just run out!’

but we were too chicken so we just creeped around the corner waiting for our friends to notice us, which they did… after some time.

and i was part of the disruptive crowd. AGAIN.


megan, the texan native, and i filled in the others about how insane the crowd was going to be the following day.

‘all of their fight songs are about the university of texas… so don’t worry, they aren’t yelling at you.’

‘yeah, yeah, and they do this formation where all the fans link arms and saw the horns off the longhorns.


texans, man. so self absorbed. HA.


the next day, we left early in the morning so we could get to the stadium right when they opened the parking lots for tailgating. and we were greeted by a sea of maroon.

so like any asshole fan…

i openly mocked them only feet away from where they were tailgating.


and then we headed over to ‘texfest’ where they were going to have barbeque, beer, and country tunes!


my mom made friends with cows.

and we HAD to get a picture with that boot.

also note: i’m the only person wearing purple in this shot. ugh.

and we saw some die hard fans.

sweet overalls, bro.

reminds me a little too much of homecoming.

now, that’s what northwestern is about… wigs.

damn fine texas art.


i’ve never seen the band from so high!

look at that N. so fine.


and so end my photos of the game, which shows you exactly how exciting the game was and how much i had on the line.

so instead, here are some game highlights:

oh wait. is that just a video of northwestern safety brian peters being an adorable role model for a little boy?

oh well.

sorry i’m not sorry.

and then i went down to stand with my friends in the band and sing the alma mater.

and cry.

it gets me every damn time.

shut up.

at the end of the day it was a wonderful game for two reasons:

    1. i had the opportunity to see some of my northwestern friends.

    2. people who i went to high school with finally know where the hell i went to school.

 so i’m putting it in the win column.

go cats.

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