music monday: happy birthday princess kate!

as i’m sure you all know, today is the duchess of cambridge’s 30th birthday.


as i’m a huge fan of her work, i figured that i’d dedicate today’s music monday to her.  so i asked myself, ‘what would princess kate listen to?’

the answer is obviously gangsta rap.


but… i did a little googling… and i found out that she and will played ABBA at their wedding reception. after i scoffed, i decided that they must have been listening to it ironically or it was prince harry’s idea of a joke.

but either way, all bets are off and i’m just going to share my latest find with you.  last week i found the band the felice brothers, who sound like some sort of contemporary melding of bob dylan and lou reed.  apparently they’ve been around for a while and i’ve just completely missed it.


but here is their latest album, yonder is the clock. enjoy.

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