blog fail.

my bad, y’all. i’ve been on a mini hiatus since music monday, and didn’t think anyone would notice… until, this text message conversation happened moments ago…

‘you should post all of the pictures for us to stalk.’




‘oh. pictures of what??’

‘of anything! life. puppies.’

well, as requested, here is a quick rundown of my life lately… and puppies.

since, i’ve obviously been missing my northwestern friends so much, there has been quite a lot of video chatting happening as of late.

why, yes that is a teddy bear i’m holding. they were telling me bedtime stories and singing me night night songs.

shut up.

and they even took me out to see the snow!!

look how festive it is for the new babies!

now for something completely different….

game day nails.

‘why is your ring finger glittery??


if your vehicle cannot fit into your garage… reassess your life decisions.

i need these.

mardi gras anyone?!

and last but certainly not least…

blaze the puggle.

dream dog.

and if you don’t follow the daily puppy yet… get your life together.


4 thoughts on “blog fail.

  1. That is not your dream dog!! What, what, WHAT are you thinking?!

    If you didn’t catch that reference, we’re not only not related, but you better get your typing fingers ready and go to youtube and look up Sassy Gay Friend.


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