music monday: emmy the great.

i’ve been in love with emmy the great since i can’t remember when… but her music’s development has kind of been paused in time as far as my collection is concerned because her first album is just so damn fantastic.

while i was scouring the internet for this album cover…

which is also striking,

i came across this blog post by a fellow fan who, quite eloquently, reviewed her second album… and i’ve pretty much deduced that perhaps it’s alright that stick to her first.


the second album, virtue, was released in the states in august, and is available on itunes, and the majority of which can be heard on youtube here.  anyway, one itunes reviewer commented ‘sounds like dr. seuss for adults.’ i was a tad confused at first until i decided… i would 100% agree with that, except that he meant it disparagingly and i would call it a compliment.


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