music monday: kaki king.

a sketch of the artist. created by clay during a kaki king concert at schubas, chicago. 10.14.2006

i wish i had a cool story about how when i first listened to kaki king my face melted off and i recognized her awesomeness. but actually, the first time i listened to kaki king… i fell asleep.

long story short, i used to/currently suffer from bouts of insomnia.  it used to be really awful in high school and i might go a week or two without sleeping more than a few hours.  during one such episode, my brother was working late at night on something or other and his light was keeping me awake.  so i went into his room to holler at him and instead of stopping working he gave me his cd player…

cd player? HA.

with kaki king’s first album and some noise cancelling headphones.  i don’t think that i even made it to the second track before i fell asleep.

now that makes it seem like her music is boring, which could not be further from the truth. i do, however, feel like one benefits from experiencing her music. you cannot simply listen to kaki king – you have to see the way that she handles the instrument that she’s using.  i’ve never seen someone use the guitar in such an unconventional and new way that she does.

she is just so tremendously talented that when i told clay that i was going to make a kaki playlist for this week and we listened to a few tracks together all we could think to say was: ‘ugh, damn.’

‘if i had to give math a sound, it would be kaki king.’

– clay


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