so i know i graduated. i know that i live over a thousand miles away from my alma mater. and i know that i should somehow be able to move on and not be so involved.

but forget that.

my friends are my friends whether they are two blocks away or in a completely different part of the country, or a different part of the world for that matter. so i will not apologize for getting excited over the joys and small (or big!) victories in their lives. and i would expect nothing less from them.

remember that time that i’m a sorority girl? well, in sororities there exists a sisterhood yes? yes. within that greater sisterhood, you have the pledge family. now, my definition of a ‘pledge mom’ or to be politically correct… one’s ‘big’ is that she’s your connection with the chapter on a very personal level. she spoils you with gifts during pledge mom week and sends little surprises without revealing her identity. and then, at the end of ‘pledge mom week’ (or… ‘little week??’) she reveals her identity and the new member is welcomed into her new family. and through her lineage she has a direct connection with a sister from each class, and therefore, gets to know more people, faster.

pledge families are my favorite thing. those hugs at the end of pledge mom week when you greet your little one are the most genuine and i remember each one of mine perfectly.

but pledge family or not, i love you all, xi.

‘what a sap.’

shut up.

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