music monday: the avett brothers.

i don’t quite remember when i first discovered the avett brothers, but i know that once i did, i didn’t listen to anything else for about a month and a half.  and more or less, they have become my go-to band since i first started listening to them.  there is no doubt that i absolutely love them. i will, however, make a very important distinction between the songs that i love and the songs that i only feel medium about. they have songs that are kind of soft and nostalgic-sounding, that recount stories of the kind of stereotypically perfect image of the middle-of-nowhere south where you drink moonshine and watch lightning bugs from your porch with all your friends. and then there are songs that are… noisy.

let me illustrate this via youtube. this first video is their performance of their song ‘head full of doubt, road full of promise’ at the grammys last year.  immediately before their performance, however, mumford and sons performed ‘the cave’ and then they both joined in on bob dylan’s performance.


i know, right?

and the second video is a performance of their song ‘talk on indolence,’ which is quiet different.

and then my face melted.

still good. but not my favorite.

these, however, are my favorites…

4 thoughts on “music monday: the avett brothers.

  1. ‘I and Love and You’ is such a gorgeous track! Their ‘soft and nostalgic’ numbers are definitely a favourite. Also, much kudos for Mumford and Sons. They are an excellent and energetic live band :)

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