music monday: this will destroy you.

what an upbeat name.

so last night, i was watching the oscars and laughing at angelina jolie doing her best jessica rabbit impression, just like everyone else.

[the leg.  jim rash, also known as ‘my hero.’]

anyway, during the presentation for best film i heard this faint instrumental music that i deduced must be from one of the nominated movies.  so after a few quick itunes and google searches i found the song and the band responsible.  as it turns out, this will destroy you provided just one song for the soundtrack to moneyball (which was a fantastic film, by the way) entitled ‘the mighty rio grande.’  but you have to buy the entire soundtrack on itunes, including the little girl’s cover of an avril lavigne song or whatever, even if you just want the one song that they played during the oscar presentation that you happen to like.

damn you, capitalism.

well, as it turns out, this will destroy you sounds a lot like this other band called explosions in the sky – which is an incredible group and if you don’t already listen to them, you should.  and coincidentally, much like explosions in the sky they hail from middle of nowhere, texas. which is also where i’m from. (except… not really.)

but close enough and the universe collided.


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